Please excuse my absence

23 September 2014

Hello those few of you reading this. If you were previously keeping up with my blog, you've probably realised that posts have been very few and far between since my mid-semester break! I don't like giving lame excuses for things, but I've been sorely lacking in motivation this year, and the little motivation that I have been able to grasp has gone towards my uni assignments (which I've been procrastinating like crazy this year).

Red Lips Sink Ships

16 August 2014

Except they don't really. Last year I travelled to and from university on the ferry most of the time, and wore red lipstick a lot of the time, and I have no Titanic-like stories to tell! I started wearing red lipstick in early 2013. Prior to that, I liked the look of bright lipsticks on other people but was a bit shy about trying them myself.

By the way, I'm alive! I've felt a bit guilty about not posting for half a month as when I returned from a kind of hiatus thing in the mid-year university break I told myself I'd be both committed and consistent with this blog. <excuse> A few weeks ago I had a nasty flu type virus that had me in bed for a week, and since then I've had a shitload of uni work to catch up with. </excuse> If you're reading this, thanks for not giving up on me!

Mid Year Break

22 July 2014

I've just realised that I don't post to Instagram that often at all! These are the six images I've Instagrammed over my three week mid-year break. As of yesterday, I'm in my sixth and final semester of university and I graduate in December! Thinking about it is simultaneously exciting and daunting as there is so much work to do, but I can't wait until I finish my degree.
Top: Sunday's French market purchases / the beautiful Lush Shoot for the Stars bath ballistic / my new Fujifilm X-F1!
Bottom: afternoon snack of coffee and apples / playing piano in an op-shop / my final project last semester

Three Wishes #1

19 July 2014

1: Mac Pigment in Vanilla (a favourite of Zoella's, as seen in this video)
2: Black leather satchel (The Cambridge Satchel Company)
3: Flared trench coat (Red/Navy: Asos, Yellow: Emma Stone in The Amazing Spiderman 2)